Due to COVID-19 virus the product supply lines have been badly affected. Thus, we are out of stock on many of our key items. Slowly we hope to build back up our inventory levels. Because of the uncertainty of availability we will no longer be doing any SPECIAL ORDERS until further notice. Thanks for the continued support and understanding.

Help & Special Order

Are you in search of a special item or part? Are you unsure of your grill's model? We can help.

Over the years, Weber® has continued to make changes to their line of gas grills. Some changes have been minor and unnoticeable while others have been complete redesigns. This has made identifying your grill a challenge at times.

Please fill in your serial number and a brief description of the parts you are looking for below. This will allow us to properly identify your grill and respond back to you in a timely manner.

To Find Your Serial Number

Serial numbers are 2 letters followed by 7 numbers. They can usually be found:

  • on the owners manual
  • on the frame
  • on the door if your unit has one
  • under the control panel on the right side of your grill (where the knobs stick through)

Example: DA 1234567