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Electric Q


Catch Pan Holder - fits Q 100/120 & Q1000 Series Weber grill - aluminum...(more)


Catch Pan Holder - fits Q 200/300 & Q2000/Q3200 Series Weber grill - aluminum...(more)


120V controller for Q140, Q240, Q1400 and Q2400 electric grills



Aluminum firebox liner for Weber Electric Q140 & Q1400

Model #80341...(more)


Cookbox liner for electric Q240 & Q2400

Model #70129(more)


Heating element assembly for Q140 & Q1400 electric grill.

Model #65620...(more)


Heating Element for Q240 & Q2400

Model #70127(more)


Q heavy duty grill cover fits: Baby Q,Q100/1000 series(more)