Due to COVID-19 virus the product supply lines have been badly affected. Thus, we are out of stock on many of our key items. Slowly we hope to build back up our inventory levels. Because of the uncertainty of availability we will no longer be doing any SPECIAL ORDERS until further notice. Thanks for the continued support and understanding.

Electric Q


Catch Pan Holder - fits Q 100/120 & Q1000 Series Weber grill - aluminum...(more)


Catch Pan Holder - fits Q 200/300 & Q2000/Q3200 Series Weber grill - aluminum...(more)


120V controller for Q140, Q240, Q1400 and Q2400 electric grills



Aluminum firebox liner for Weber Electric Q140 & Q1400

Model #80341...(more)


Cookbox liner for electric Q240 & Q2400

Model #70129(more)


Heating element assembly for Q140 & Q1400 electric grill.

Model #65620...(more)


Heating Element for Q240 & Q2400

Model #70127(more)


Q heavy duty grill cover fits: Baby Q,Q100/1000 series(more)